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These supplies are always in need at our shelter and we  welcome them as much as your monetary donations.

Our Wishlist

Flea & Tick Preventative Heartworm Preventative Flea Combs

Cardboard Cat Carriers

Cat & Dog Toys Scratching Posts Kongs Durable Toys Varsity Balls Jolly Balls Old Soccer & Basketballs

Dog & Cat Beds (Gently used welcome)

Paper Towels Dawn Dish Soap HE Laundry Soap Mops & Brooms Bleach Sponges Hand Sanitizer

Dry & Canned Cat & Kitten Food Dry & Canned Dog Dog Biscuits & Treats Peanut Butter Kitten Replacement Milk Colostrum Powder

Towels (all sizes) Small Blankets (no comforters please) Sheets Pillow Cases

Dog collars Dog leashes Dog slip leads Harnesses Dog training leads (10'+) Head Halties / Gentle Leaders

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