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Surrendering Your Pet

Please read our surrender policy for more information

Surrendering Your Pet

The most common reasons why people surrender their pets include moving, financial hardships, allergies, and behavioral problems.


The Humane Society of Port Jervis / Deerpark exists to lend a helping hand when pet owners run out of options. We will house and care for the surrendered animals while working hard to find them a safe, stable and loving home.


Please read the important information below regarding how to surrender a pet.

The Process

 Please read our surrender policy first then contact the shelter to inquire about scheduling a time to surrender your pet. 

*Please note: there may be a waiting   list if we are full to capacity.


  • A surrender fee is required  

  • A valid State ID is required for all paperwork

  • Your pet's vet records

  • You must fill out a surrender form

Alternative Options

We will provide free food for your pets until you get back on your feet in return of volunteer hours at the shelter


We may suggest alternatives to surrendering your pet to the shelter depending on the situation


We have set up a resources page on our website to assist you further

Fees for Cats

Service Area

Fees for Dogs

We are Contracted with the Following Towns for

Dog Control Services:



Port Jervis









$30 if spayed/neutered

$50 if not spayed/neutered

$75 for unspayed female with litter of kittens

$50 if spayed/neutered

$100 if not spayed/neutered

$125 for unspayed female with litter of puppies

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