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Humane Society of Port Jervis/Deerpark Building Fund

Since 1959, our shelter has been running 24/7. We have served the community by taking in abandoned and abused animals and providing families who could no longer keep their pets, a safe place to surrender them. We have also serviced nearby towns and cities by providing their law enforcement departments with a place to bring animals found as strays, reported as aggressive and seized in the course of performing their duties.


We have achieved this without government help or grants. Our means to remain open has been our relentless dedication to raising funds through event and activities. Selling everything from t-shirts to Christmas ornaments and receiving your wonderful donations!


But now the shelter that has helped so many, needs help! The Humane Society of Port Jervis/Deerpark is in a dire state of disrepair! The concrete holding the fence panels & gates of the kennels and the outside dog runs is literally crumbling causing the panels to fall and ultimately causing those kennels to be inoperable, the cat cages do not meet the minimal space requirements between cat litter, food and sleeping area, we do not have proper ventilation in any of our buildings or isolation areas to keep disease from spreading from one animal to another, Worse yet, there is no insulation in the enclosed outdoor kennel runs and the windows have single panes that shatter from ice build up.  Our heat bills in the winter are exorbitant for this reason. Every area of the facility is in a serious need of renovation.


Without proper housing for our animals we cannot continue to help the communities around us, nor can we provide shelter for those that have no voice.


PLEASE HELP US by donating to the Building Fund! Every penny you provide will go entirely to the repair and renovation of our facilities so that we may continue the work our founder, Robert Kleinstuber, began back in 1959.


We are very pleased to announce that the Humane Society of Port Jervis/Deerpark was one of only two shelters in the U.S. to receive a needs assessment grant from the Mason Foundation.  The needs assessment was performed in June by the owner of an engineering firm that specializes in building and renovating animal-related facilities.  We are eagerly awaiting his report.  Our vision of new shelter is becoming more of a reality!  Check back often for updates!

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