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Adoptions are not 1st come, 1st served

We'd like you all to please understand that we do not just give our animals to the first person who says, "I'll take it!". We love our animals, each one of them,and we are dedicated to finding the right placement for them the FIRST time, if possible. Therefore we often accept several applications on an animal. We DO require two personal (non-family) references AND a vet reference. If you fill out an application with no vet reference, you are less likely to be approved. We absolutely call your references. We ask them how you treat your current or previous pets. We ask your vet if your animals are/were kept up to date on their vaccines, if your animals are spayed/neutered, and how you handled illness or end-of-life issues. Once applications are processed, we then evaluate each potential adopter suitability for the particular animal. For example, if you have chosen a dog who is known to chase cats, and you have three cats, we will be less likely to give you our cat-chaser. If you have other animals, we DO require a meet and greet between your current pets and our animal. These steps are not intended to deny you an animal. Our policies exist so that we have the best chance of placing our animals in a home where they stand the BEST chance of being loved and cared for, for life. Every time an animal is returned to our shelter, it is a strike against the animal. Too many strikes, or an animal pushed to the point of biting a human, means we can no longer responsibly adopt that animal to the public. When that happens, we hold and love and talk to that animal on the way to the rainbow bridge. That's traumatic for us, so we do all we can to place our furry friends into permanent, forever families. Please be patient as we process your applications for our dogs and cats. We DO want to adopt to you! We just want to make sure that the furry family member you get is one who will thrive in your home environment. Thank you all for supporting us and our rescue organization. We put so much money, time and love into what we do, but we couldn't do any of it without your support. 

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